• What are the Akashic Records

  • Curious as to what are the Akashic Records? The following information is a cursory overview of the Akashic Records. I will convey my understanding of the definition, the purpose, the benefits, and the how-to for accessing these records. I am not an expert in this field, so for a more in-depth look at the subject please refer to experts such as Bill Foss at www.billfoss.net

    What are the Akashic Records?



    The term “Akashic Records” is not something that most of us hear on a daily basis. In fact, many have never heard the term. Even if you have been studying Metaphysical concepts for a while, it may something you have heard of, but it’s likely that you won’t be able to give an in-depth answer to the question, “What are the Akashic Records?”

    According to many who work within the Akashic Records, it’s an etheric field, a formidable storehouse, if you will, of every thought, deed, or word ever conceived or experienced by the souls of our planet Earth. It could be likened to a super computer of information of all that is, all that has been, and all that will be. The word “Akasha” can be loosely translated in many ancient languages as “Sky Library.” So then, we could say it’s a sky library that stores souls’ records.

    According to the American mystic and clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945), in reading (2533-8) Cayce suggests the Book of Life spoken about in the Christian religion is one in the same with the Akashic Records. In trance, Cayce also said that he gathered information about the individuals for whom he was reading from 2 sources: their subconscious mind and the Akashic Records.

    William Buhlman, a leading expert on out-of-body exploration, and trainer at the Monroe Institute says that this storehouse of information is what psychics tap into when they read for clients.

    In summation, the Akashic Records are an etheric storehouse of information for every Earthly soul that captures every thought, word, deed, emotion, and state of being that is, that has been, and that will be. Now we will take a look at the purpose and benefits of accessing these records.

    What is the purpose of the Akashic Records?


    Earth serves as a 3-dimensional time/space continuum that allows us to gain experiences for our spiritual advancement. According to countless channeled Ascended Masters and Gurus, when our souls exit this time/space, we move through a series of transitional steps or stages into a higher frequency. Once reorienting into this higher vibration, it is time to review the life just lived. We access the Akashic Records to determine for ourselves where we triumphed and where we fell short of our higher ideals. Beings exist there to support us through this process (i.e. Guides, Ascended Masters, loved ones who have passed on, Angels, etc.) We also contemplate our states of being in past incarnations and existences. Ultimately, from an objective and elevated perspective, we integrate these experiences into our Higher Selves, and use them as a spring board to devise our next soul adventure.

    To summarize, the Akashic Records exist as a reference point for souls to understand who they are based on current and past experiences, as well as future possibilities. They are a tool to assist Earthly souls in their process of spiritual evolution.

    What are the benefits of accessing the Akashic Records now?


    There are several benefits to tapping into our Akashic Records right now! The process helps us become familiar with our current state of being in relation to our vast array of experiences. So, this allows us to circumvent the traditional process of death-initiated access, thereby allowing us to adjust behaviors and personal choices that will “right our course,” now! It gives us a jump-start on the process.

    Another benefit to accessing these records is that we can become aware of our personal Guides. In daily life, Guides communicate with us using various methods such as inspiration, gut feelings, and intuition. When we are able to have face-to-face contact, it validates these forms of communications. Just as meeting a person face-to-face helps to gain an energetic familiarity, so too will this union.

    Visitors of the Akashic Records also report becoming reacquainted with loved ones who have transitioned. Not surprisingly, they gain great peace and comfort in these reunions.

    And finally, an important benefit of tapping into the Records is that it is possible for souls to receive physical and emotional healing from this field. People report gaining profound wisdom that instantly heals them of various illnesses and challenges. Often, they say it is hard to articulate how it happens, but somehow, just understanding the origins of difficulties manifesting in their current incarnation helps degrade the energy surrounding the issue and creates space for healing.

    How do we do it?


    Numerous spiritual teachers have devised tools and techniques to assist individual souls in accessing the Records. The most common tool employed is, not surprisingly, meditation. This may come in the form of a guided meditation or a personal meditation with intent. Numerous books, websites, and seminars or workshops help us gain powerful techniques.

    Bill Foss, a gifted author and international teacher of the subject of the Akashic Records will conduct a 3-day, hands-on workshop called Journey to the Akashic Records at the Omni Severin Hotel in downtown Indianapolis, August 25-27.