• Curious About Akashic Record Reading?

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    How about finding practical techniques to advance your spirituality?


    Are you someone who enjoys emotional well-being and healing through the use of Reiki? Has it allowed for stress reduction, relaxation and healing in your life? Are you looking for other ways to advance your spirituality, pure awareness and universal consciousness?

    Now is the time to take action! Empower yourself as Bill Foss guides you through the energetic realm of the Akashic Records where the records and memories of all souls reside. Tap into the infinite space of wisdom where every thought, word and event that is happening, has happened and will happen, and exists. Bill will show you how you can use this information to strengthen your connection to Spirit, enrich your daily life and spiritual oneness.

    Join Higher Dimensions Network for an inspiring three day workshop this August in vibrant Indianapolis! Learn more and reserve your seat before we’re sold out: http://www.hidimnet.com/registration/

    Learn more about Bill Foss here and see his handbook and field guide to the library of souls and learning to open your book of life.